23 Librae system

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23 Librae
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The Rubble

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23 Librae is a system with at least two planets, Madrigal and Hesiod. Hesiod is the only gas giant orbiting 23 Librae. Madrigal, the only planet in 23 Librae's habitable zone,[1] was a human Outer Colony[2] until the Covenant arrived and glassed the planet in 2528.[3]


Madrigal was colonized by humanity, serving as a thriving human colony. It was glassed by the Covenant in 2528.

Survivors of the attack fled to the Trojan asteroids trailing the gas giant Hesiod, farther out-system. There, they joined Insurrectionists in the asteroid colony known as the Rubble.[4] Kig-Yar merchants established trade relations with the humans in the asteroids while the Covenant plotted to raise an army of Unggoy on Hesiod's moon Metisette. Both the Rubble and the Covenant installation on Metisette were destroyed in the Battle of the Rubble and the Battle of Metisette.[5] However, the human inhabitants of the Rubble managed to escape on Habitat Exodus with the help of the UNSC Midsummer Night and Gray Team while the Covenant forces were completely wiped out by the Midsummer Night.

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