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Site Unseen
The key art of Site Unseen

Start date:

May 2, 2023[1]

End date:

May 16, 2023

Number of tiers:


Includes content for:

Halo Infinite


Site Unseen was a multiplayer event for Halo Infinite. Site Unseen was held from May 2, 2023 to May 16, 2023 during Season 03: Echoes Within, and it acted as the second of two narrative events, following Mindfall.

Plot summary[edit]

Cutscene transcript[edit]

Vault Lines[edit]

Newly accepted into the pack, you and Spartan Dinh explore the Academy's hidden depths.

At night, the Player's Spartan wanders into the underground section on Live Fire, where they discover Spartan Hieu Dinh kicking the BLDG-09 door. The door's console has been torn from the wall, still hanging on via its wires.

  • Spartan Hieu Dinh: "C'mon! Dammit!."

Dinh sees the Player's Spartan, and gestures them to come closer.

  • Spartan Dinh: "Give me a hand!"

The Player's Spartan walks towards Dinh, glancing at the console as they do so.

  • Spartan Dinh: "You hear this noise? Grab the door!"

Dinh runs over to the console, and the Player's Spartan kneels in front of the door to prepare to lift it. Dinh manipulates the wires behind the console, and it turns green, unlocking the door. The Player's Spartan starts to lit the door up, with Dinh moving over to help them.

  • Spartan Dinh: "Ready? Let's do it!"

The two Spartans lift up the heavy door.

  • Spartan Dinh: "Just... a little more!"

The door fully opens, revealing an empty elevator shaft lit only by red emergency lights. Dinh lights up a flare, and glances down the shaft, before turning to smile at the Player's Spartan.

Dinh drops the flare down the shaft, and it drops for several moments without the floor becoming visible. Dinh turns and salutes the Player's Spartan.

  • Spartan Dinh: "See you at the bottom!"

Dinh howls like a wolf, and jumps backwards into the shaft. The Player's Spartan shakes their head, and jumps into the shaft shortly afterwards.


After breaching a hidden ONI facility, you and Spartan Dinh find evil at its heart.

Within a pitch black room, a large door opens as Spartan Hieu Dinh (still holding the flare) and the Player's Spartan enter. The camera pans to the Player's Spartan's perspective as Dinh leads the way.

  • Spartan Hieu Dinh: "ONI built this place at the start of the war against the Covenant. Top secret. Real Section Three black magic."

The Player's Spartan glances at a pile of the room's abandoned objects, which include crates and chairs alongside deactivated computer terminals and server blocks. Dinh walks up a small ramp in the center of the room.

  • Spartan Dinh: "I was here, back in the day. It's where I got my first set of armor."

Dinh steps aside, revealing a set of stripped-down Semi-Powered Infiltration armor held up within a Brokkr Armor Mechanism.

  • Spartan Dinh: "Just like this one. And if I know about this place? Then so did Iratus."

Dinh takes a moment to shine the flare around the SPI armor's faceplate.

  • Spartan Dinh: "Eklund's right. Maybe it's time I let things go."

Dinh lowers the flare and the room dims. Suddenly, Iratus chuckling can be heard.

  • Iratus: "But there is so much more to see..."

Red sparks begin to arc around the server blocks to the side of the room, with their computer screens lighting up with the Banished logo. Dinh and the Player's Spartan glance back to the room's entrance, which is now lit up by a red barrier.

  • Iratus: "The entire history of the Spartan program. Your weaknesses. Your failures."

The Player's Spartan turns to look at a table in the corner of the room. Sparks arc around what appears to be a set of armor underneath a white sheet that is laid on it. As the Player's Spartan circles around to get a better look, the computer terminal attached to the maintenance apparatus lights up, also with the Banished logo. The maintenance apparatus begins moving, detaching the armor from the device.

  • Iratus: "And now -- all of it -- belongs to the Banished!"

Dinh looks concerned at the Player's Spartan. The SPI armor's helmet is detached from the body, confirming that it is empty, before the armor is fully separated from the maintenance device, where it adopts a slouched posture. Sparks fly around the suit as Iratus takes over and laughs, displaying his face and extra pieces of armor as holographic projections.

Event Pass tiers[edit]

Players can progress through the Event Pass and unlock items by completing any of the ten event challenges over the two weeks the event is available.

Tiers 1 to 10[edit]

Level Unlocks Images
1 Backdrop - Detection Protocol detection protocol backdrop
2 Hip Attachment (Mirage IIC) - UA/FRONT PLATE Image of the UA/Front Plate icon.
3 Visor - Blue Pop Blue Pop visor
4 Armor Coating (Mirage IIC) - Bold Industry Bold Industry coating
5 Helmet (Mirage IIC) - BELUS HINF BELUS Helmet Icon.png
6 Helmet Attachment (Mirage IIC) - HUL/BNR/ORIGO HUL/BNR/ORIGO helmet attachment icon.
7 Stance - Field Analyst Field Analyst stance
8 Left Shoulder (Mirage IIC) - UTIL/SUPERPOWER OUTBACK The icon for UTIL/SuperPower Outback shoulder.
9 Right Shoulder (Mirage IIC) - UTIL/SUPERPOWER OUTBACK The icon for UTIL/SuperPower Outback shoulder.
10 Chest (Mirage IIC) - UTIL/EYESPY-II Image of the EyeSpy-II chest attachment.



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