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A screenshot of Solitude.
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Halo Infinite

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Abandoned facility on an unknown world[1]

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Human structures[1]

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Not all life finds a way.

Solitude is a multiplayer arena map for Halo Infinite that was added to the game on June 27, 2023 during Season 04: Infection. The map was built entirely in Forge as a remake of the fan-favorite Halo 5: Guardians map Plaza.[1]

Universe and lore[edit]

Solitude is set within an abandoned facility on a human world.[1]



This map's layout is nearly identical to Plaza's layout in terms of spacing, with adjustments made to the height and overall verticality of the map to account for Halo Infinite's gameplay changes.[1]


The following are locations on the map that are so named on the player's heads-up display during gameplay:

  • Alley
  • Bridge
  • Bottom Base
  • Bottom Mid
  • Bottom Nest
  • Dip
  • East Basement
  • East Bend
  • East Platform
  • Posters
  • Junction
  • Hall
  • Hotel
  • Ledge
  • Long Stairs
  • Loop
  • Market
  • Pillar
  • Stage
  • South Alley
  • South Base
  • South Bend
  • South Ramp
  • South Street
  • Top Nest
  • Underpass
  • West Alley
  • West Bridge
  • West Platform
  • Yard

Production notes[edit]

  • The remake of Plaza (though unnamed at the time) was announced on December 14, 2022 during a holiday community livestream. Originally stated to be coming during Season 03: Echoes Within,[2] release of the map was ultimately pushed back to June 27, 2023. The name of the map and the first official images were shown off the previous day.[1]
  • When coming up with the artstyle for Solitude (and other remakes), the design team's philosophy was that they wanted to explore familiar spaces with alternate themes. The design team also stated that going into a remake of a map that looks the same as the original but the game itself plays differently from the original, the player's brain can run into “uncanny valley” territory, as if something doesn't feel quite right. Because of these things, the design team decided to explore what Plaza would look like in a more desolate, abandoned setting.[1]