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"I think that's all of them. Get me to that terminal and FOB Foxtrot is ours."
— The Weapon to John-117 after the Spartan eliminated the Banished troops at the FOB.
Image of FOB Foxtrot
FOB Foxtrot.

FOB Foxtrot is a UNSC Forward Operating Base (FOB) on the fragment sections of Installation 07 during the Battle for Zeta Halo.[1]

Operational history[edit]

Following the Banished's ambush on the UNSC Infinity upon its arrival at Installation 07 on December 12, 2559, UNSC forces made landfall on the ring.[2] While many survivors at the fragmented section of the ring gathered at the wreckage of the Mulsanne-class light frigate UNSC Mortal Reverie as a base of operations,[3] they also established Forward Operating Bases in nearby locations.[4] FOB Foxtrot was located south of the Chak 'Lok's Tower, with the Banished outpost Ransom Keep located to its southeast.[1]

By March 3, 2560, FOB Foxtrot was in Banished control,[4] with the Banished adding their own equipment and troops around the FOB.[1] The FOB was also connected to the Banished battle network protocol,[5] tracking nearby UNSC and Banished activity.[6] At some point after Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 was retrieved by Fernando Esparza onboard Echo 216 on May 28,[7] the Spartan eliminated the Banished forces at the FOB and deployed his artificial intelligence known as the Weapon at the FOB's terminal.[1] The Weapon removed the FOB from the Banished network, returning it to UNSC control,[6] and marked the nearby locations of interest on John-117's TACMAP.[1]


FOB Foxtrot becomes available in the "Lockdown" section of the Halo Infinite campaign. The Weapon's dialogue after capturing the FOB differs depending on whether the player has completed The Tower campaign mission:

  • If the player has yet to complete The Tower: "Another FOB in UNSC control — and in the shadow of that Banished Tower. The closer we get to it, the stronger the UNSC distress signal becomes. The source has to be inside."
  • If the player has completed The Tower: "Another FOB in UNSC control, and this one in the shadow of Chak 'Lok's Tower. I'd call it a nice view... but then I remember what went on in there."

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