Forge of Teash

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Forge of Teash
Forge of Teash outpost


Halo Infinite




On or after May 28, 2560[1]


Forge of Teash, Installation 07


  • Destroy the silos (5)
  • Sabotage the repair bays (4)
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Forge of Teash is an optional side mission in the Halo Infinite campaign. It is part of the Connections section of the campaign. Completing it earns the player 100 points of valor.


The Master Chief attacks the Forge of Teash, a Banished maintenance depot.


The Chief approaches the Forge of Teash.

  • Weapon: "Banished outpost up ahead, Chief - and there's a lot of Banished inside. Whatever's going on in there, it's high priority."
  • Jiralhanae Officer (loudspeaker): "All Banished within the Forge of Teash. Hear these words. The Tower has fallen. Chak 'Lok has failed us all. But be assured! We will prevail!"

The Chief engages the Banished outside the Forge.

  • Jiralhanae Officer (loudspeaker): "We are under attack! Lower the silos! Protect the Forge of Teash! If the Spartan is here, take him down!"

The Chief enters the outpost.

  • Weapon: "It's a maintenance depot. I'm picking up a number of repair bays and fuel silos. Take them out and we'll bring this outpost to its knees."
  • Jiralhanae Officer (loudspeaker): "The Spartan is here! The honor of his slaying is OURS!"

The Chief engages the Banished guards inside the Forge.

  • Jiralhanae Captain: "Protect the Forge with your lives!"
  • Sangheili: "Form up on me to defend the Forge!"
Banished forces at the Forge of Teash.
  • Jiralhanae: "The Forge of Teash will be your grave, human!"

The fighting continues. The Brute Officer continues shouting orders over the loudspeaker.

  • Jiralhanae Officer (loudspeaker): "The Forge of Teash will not fail!"
  • Jiralhanae Officer (loudspeaker): "Peel him from his armor!"
  • Jiralhanae Officer (loudspeaker): "We end this today!"
  • Jiralhanae Officer (loudspeaker): "Kill him! For the Banished!

Phantoms and drop pods arrive, bringing Banished reinforcements. The Chief fights his way through the Forge, destroying fuel silos, and sabotaging repair bays as he goes. He also frees some captured Marines, who aid him in his mission.

The Chief sabotages the first repair bay.

  • Weapon: "Repair bays. Looks like they're maintaining some heavy excavation equipment - just like that other outpost."


  • Weapon: "It's a second maintenance facility - repairing excavation equipment, like the other outpost we found."
  • John-117: "Whatever Escharum's after, we have to slow him down."
  • Weapon: "Let's do it. Go knock those repair bays out."

If Ransom Keep hasn't been completed yet:

  • Weapon: "Those repair bays... they appear to be maintaining some sort of excavation equipment. Are the Banished... digging for something?"

If the Chief sabotages all the repair bays first:

  • Weapon: "That's a wrap on the repair bays. Now for the fuel silos."

If the Chief destroys all the fuel silos first:

  • Weapon: "That's all the fuel silos. Let's deal with those repair bays."

Once the Chief finishes destroying all the silos and repair bays:

  • Weapon: "Nice work. We're two for two on maintenance depots. Whatever the Banished are after with this equipment, their job just got a lot harder."

If Ransom Keep has not been completed yet:

  • Weapon: "That should do it. Banished excavation equipment is going to stay inoperable a lot longer. Nice work, Chief."

If Conservatory has been completed:

  • Weapon: "We're two for two on maintenance depots. Without them, Escharum won't be able to continue excavating the Ring. Excellent work, Chief."

Mission is completed.