Audio log (Halo Infinite)/UNSC/Outpost/05

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>> The last thing we expected to find here was a new species, especially one allied with the Banished. The Covenant had client thralls on the fringe, but this... this is something different.

  • First Marine: What are you seeing up there?
  • Second Marine: This outpost... it's a production facility of some sort. Looks like it's primarily for materiel and- Hold. Armored convoy coming from the north.
  • Jiralhanae: Move! Clear the path! Make way for the War Chief!
  • First Marine: Escharum.
  • Second Marine: ...and some kind of entourage. Back from the digsite. Hang on. Third from the back. Is that a Banished species you recognize?
  • First Marine: Negative ma'am. That's... that's a new one.