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This article is about the Banished outpost on Installation 07. For the Halo Infinite mission, see Ransom Keep.
Outpost Ransom Keep
Ransom Keep at night.

Ransom Keep was a Banished outpost on Installation 07. During the Battle for Zeta Halo, it salvaged UNSC equipment for use at the Conservatory dig site.[1][2] The Keep was one of the first Banished outposts that the Master Chief came across on the Zeta Halo.[3] During this time it was under the command of Commander Vimo 'Arach.[2]


Ransom Keep, along with the Forge of Teash,[4] supplied and repaired the excavation equipment used at Site Novem. The Banished at Ransom Keep even stripped captured UNSC vehicles and other hardware for spare parts to maintain the equipment.[3] In addition to supporting operations at Site Novem, Ransom Keep also supplied the Armory of Reckoning with the alloys needed for weapons and munitions production.[5]

On May 28, 2560, Master Chief John-117, who had been presumed dead since the Banished ambushed the Infinity six months earlier, arrived on the fragmented section of Zeta Halo. News of his return soon reached Ransom Keep; the guards were subsequently ordered to be on the lookout for the Spartan.[3] At the same time, while investigating a distress signal, the Master Chief came across FOB Golf and recaptured the base. The Weapon accessed the data stored on the FOB's terminal and uncovered, among other things, the location of Ransom Keep. The Weapon advised the Chief that they should investigate - and blow up - the facility.[6]

When the Master Chief arrived at Ransom Keep, the guards lowered the four fuel silos in an effort to protect them. However, the Chief breached the facility's perimeter, fought his way through the guards, and raised and destroyed each silo. The Banished sent reinforcements to defend the Keep, but the Chief defeated them. He then located and disabled both repair bays. The loss of the silos and repair bays effectively put Ransom Keep out of commission.[3]


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