Armory of Reckoning (location)

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This article is about the Banished outpost on Installation 07. For the Halo Infinite mission, see Armory of Reckoning.
Armoury of Reckoning
The Armory of Reckoning.

The Armory of Reckoning was a Banished-operated munitions and weapons production facility established on Zeta Halo during the Battle for Zeta Halo. Jiralhanae Commander Bannix oversaw operations here.[1] Ransom Keep supplied the Armory with the necessary alloys.[2]


War Chief Escharum personally established the Armory of Reckoning on the Zeta Halo fragment and placed Commander Bannix in charge of the outpost.[3]

At some point prior to May 28, 2560, Escharum learned that some of the troops stationed at the Armory believed themselves deserving of greater status, renown, and adulation. He subsequently warned Bannix to get the Armory's troops under control or else he would replace Bannix.[1] Around the same time, at least six Jiralhanae at the Armory attempted to mutiny, in part due to a shortage of meat. Bannix and the other Chieftains swiftly crushed the mutineers. Unggoy High Sumpter Bingflip witnessed the slaughter and later told his friend Pubflem that while the ill-fated revolt had not resulted in any change in management at the Armory, there was now a lot more meat available.[4] In response to both the mutiny and Escharum's warning, Bannix declared that any insubordination and infighting at the Armory would be punished by death.[1][3]

On or after May 28, 2560, Master Chief John-117 discovered the outpost. His AI companion, The Weapon, determined that the Armory was down to three functioning ammo printers. The Chief attacked the Armory and, despite resistance from the Banished guards, destroyed all three ammo printers, crippling the facility. At the time of the Master Chief's raid, five marines were being held captive at the Armory.[2]

This facility is the site responsible for manufacturing various weapons developed by technicians aboard the Ghost of Barolon such as the Sicatt Workshop Disruptor, the Sicatt Workshop Shock Rifle and the Sicatt Workshop Dynamo Grenade, as well as a variant of the Veporokk Workshop Ravager that bounces plasma projectiles on impact.[5]


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