Ammo printer

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A Banished ammo printer
A Banished ammo printer at the Armory of Reckoning

An ammo printer or munitions printer is an ammo-producing machine used by the Banished.[1]


During the Battle for Zeta Halo, the Banished established a munitions depot on Zeta Halo called the Armory of Reckoning. By May 28, 2560, the Armory of Reckoning had only three functioning ammo printers left. When Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 stormed the Armory, he destroyed the three remaining ammo printers, effectively crippling the Armory.[1]


In the Halo Infinite side mission Armory of Reckoning, the player must destroy the Armory's three ammo printers. One is located outside, another is located in a building, and the third is located underground. To disable a printer, the player must expose and destroy its generator.

Each printer holds a kinetic ammo crate that the player can use to refresh their projectile weapons.


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