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UNSC Mortal Reverie

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UNSC Mortal Reverie
The UNSC Mortal Reverie crashed on Installation 07.
The UNSC Mortal Reverie crashed on Installation 07.
Production information

Hull code:



Mulsanne-class frigate[3]



Service information


c. 15 December 2559[3]

Participated battles:

Installation 07 conflict




The UNSC Mortal Reverie (HCS: FFG-525)[1][2] was a Mulsanne-class frigate in service with the UNSC Navy.[5]

Operational history[edit]

Main article: Installation 07 conflict

On December 12, 2559, the Mortal Reverie was one of the six Mulsanne-class frigates in the advanced group with UNSC Infinity enroute to Installation 07.[6] The fleet was ambushed by Banished warships, and, following the battle in orbit of Installation 07, the Reverie crashed on the surface of the ring, cutting a deep gash into the ground and splitting into two large pieces, coming to rest at the edge of a fractured segment ring segment. Although the hull of the vessel remained largely intact, the ship was damaged beyond any reasonable repair.

On December 15, 2559, Spartan Vedrana Makovich came across the Reverie's wreckage, and established the crash site as a UNSC base of operations, gathering other UNSC forces at the site.[3] On January 31, 2560,[2] Chieftain Tremonius and Captain Arthoc led a massive Banished force on an assault against the crash site.[7] Under an overwhelming assault, the UNSC forces retreated from the crash site on February 2.[8] Following the battle, the crash site surrounding the ship was converted into a Banished outpost.[5] As a reward for Tremonius' victory, Escharum had the outpost named after Tremonius.[7]

Three months later, on May 28, 2560,[9] John-117 emerged from the underground section of the outpost. After eliminating Tremonius and the Banished forces occupying the outpost, the crash site was returned to UNSC control.[5]

Production notes[edit]

The Reverie's hull classification symbol, FFG-525, erroneously appears on the hull of another Mulsanne-class frigate in the Pelican Down mission.


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