UNSC Meriwether Lewis

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UNSC Meriwether Lewis
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Stalwart-class light frigate[note 1]


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UNSC Meriwether Lewis is a Stalwart-class light frigate in service with the UNSC Navy.[1][note 1]

Jacob Keyes served aboard this vessel prior to 2531, and defended the vessel against an overwhelming Covenant attack force with only a small security force. Keyes charged the boarders with only an M6 magnum,[2] sustaining several injuries in the process including plasma burns on his thigh and hand.[3] For his bravery on the vessel, Keyes received a Medal of Honor.[4]

Meriwether Lewis remained in service in the wake of the Human-Covenant War. At some point before October 2558, the Meriwether Lewis had a Spartan contingent, with Spartan Edward Buck acting as Spartan Commander before being transferred to UNSC Infinity and Fireteam Osiris.[5]


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