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A cut-out of Tremonius.
Biographical information




December 21, 2512[1]


c. May 28, 2560[2]

Cause of death:

Killed in battle by John-117[3]

Personal details






264.2 centimetres (8 ft 8 in)[1]


567.9 kilograms (1252 lbs)[1]

Hair color:


Eye color:


Political and military information





"Do not fool yourself. He was not the best of the Banished. Not by any measure."
Escharum dismissing Tremonius as one of the Banished's least remarkable warriors following the latter's demise.[8]

Tremonius was a Jiralhanae Chieftain in the service of the Banished. During the Battle for Zeta Halo, he held the position of Warlord, serving as one of War Chief Escharum's lieutenants, as well as commanding the Banished forces at Outpost Tremonius.[2]


"Escharum has decreed it be named in your honor, Tremonius. So that it may inspire other leaders to do what you have done."
Captain Arthoc[4]

During the Battle for Zeta Halo, on January 31, 2560,[9] Chieftain Tremonius made a name for himself by leading a successful assault that wiped out the primary UNSC survivor encampment at the wreckage of the UNSC Mortal Reverie. To commemorate his accomplishment, the War Chief of the Banished, Escharum, decreed that the first of many planned Banished strongholds on Installation 07 would be built at the site of Tremonius's victory, and would be named Outpost Tremonius in his honor to inspire the other Banished leaders.[4]

On around May 28, Tremonius was in the House of Reckoning when the Banished's leadership received word that Spartan-II Master Chief Petty Officer John-117, who up to that point had been presumed dead, had destroyed the Ghost of Gbraakon. Infuriated and alarmed by the Master Chief's return, Tremonius began to sharply criticize Escharum's plans, even going so far as to disrespect Atriox. This led Blademaster Jega 'Rdomnai to forcibly restrain and threaten the Jiralhanae Warlord. Escharum assured the bitter Tremonius that the Spartan's reappearance would provide the Banished with a much-needed challenge, and ordered his underlings not to interfere with the Spartan's activities for the time being.[3]

Not long after this meeting, the Master Chief activated a Banished lift within the depths of Zeta Halo while searching for a way to the surface, but Tremonius was waiting and descended in the lift alongside two Kig-Yar Raiders. Tremonius announced that Escharum's orders were that the Master Chief should be brought before him; however, Escharum did not specify in how many pieces. Using a jetpack, Tremonius engaged the Spartan and the Weapon, but he and the raiders were outmatched and killed by the Master Chief.[3]

After ascending the lift, which emerged within Outpost Tremonius, the Master Chief encountered a hologram of Escharum, who taunted him and dismissed the late Tremonius as one of the Banished's least remarkable warriors. As the Master Chief engaged the Banished forces holding the outpost, a Jiralhanae announced Tremonius' death over the loudspeaker and stated that whoever killed the Spartan would take Tremonius' place. However, the Master Chief cleared out the Banished and recovered the area for the UNSC's use for the first time since the Mortal Reverie had fallen to Tremonius and his forces.[8]


During his confrontation with John-117, Tremonius wore shielded power armor and a Jump pack. He wielded an MLRS-2 Hydra and a CQS48 Bulldog and also carried M9 fragmentation grenades.[2]


In Halo Infinite, Tremonius appears at the end of the main campaign mission Foundation where he serves as the game's first boss. He frequently uses his jump pack to move around the room. He uses his Hydra to attack from long range, but often switches to his Bulldog if engaged at close range, and occasionally throws M9 frag grenades. In addition, Tremonius has a special melee attack, in which he uses his jump pack to leap at the player, before slamming his fist into the ground, creating an explosion. He is also accompanied by two Kig-Yar Raiders (both armed with Manglers) - the first Raiders the player encounters in the game.

Tremonius has a modest amount of health and shields. Two successive overcharged plasma pistol shots are usually sufficient to disable his shields. The pulse carbine will also quickly deplete his shields, as will a plasma grenade. Inflicting further damage on him will prevent his shields from regenerating.

Defeating Tremonius earns the player the Ascension achievement.

Production notes[edit]

Tremonius is voiced by Brian Sommer in Halo Infinite.


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