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An example of the kit in mid flight.

The jump pack is a high-mobility propulsion unit used by the Jiralhanae jump pack specialists of the Covenant[1][2] and the Banished.[3]


The jump pack allows for accurate and precise jumps from location to location, giving the Jiralhanae the mobility and tactical flexibility that they often lack. Unlike the antigravity packs used by Sangheili Rangers, these do not provide them with a permanent airborne presence or the ability to accurately fight and hover. Unlike the antigravity pack, the jump pack utilizes rocket thrusters for propulsion.

The equipment is designed for use on a terrestrial environment where after the initial jump they can rely on gravity to bring them back to ground, whereas in zero-gravity environments they would simply be blown out into space. It seems that the jump pack needs a few seconds to recharge or cool down after a jump, since its users wait a while before making another.[4]

When the operator is killed, the jump pack will malfunction and rocket the corpse forwards a short distance.


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