Antigravity pack

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A Covenant antigravity pack.

The antigravity pack is a propulsion unit used by Sangheili Rangers (including those in Sesa 'Refumee's heretic faction) and San'Shyuum Prelates to maneuver in zero-gravity environment and low-altitude flight. It provides excellent mobility, and in no way hinders their combat effectiveness.[1] Unlike the less sophisticated human T-PACKs, Series 8 jetpack, the Ranger's alternative thruster pack or Jiralhanae's jump pack which use chemical-based thrusters for propulsion, the antigravity pack uses anti-gravity technology for movement.

In combat, this piece of equipment allows Sangheili to easily dodge enemy fire and to get in close or retreat when needed. They most likely work in a similar fashion as the Banshee's engines, encasing the user in an anti-gravity field that keeps them suspended in the air.


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