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"Kig-Yar Raider" redirects here. For the Kig-Yar vessel class, see Kig-Yar raider (Ship).
Kig-Yar Raider
Banished Kig-Yar Raider


  • Ground assault
  • Infiltration
  • Siege warfare
  • Asset retrieval






Kig-Yar pirate clans


Kig-Yar Raiders are Kig-Yar mercenaries that serve the Banished.


Like the Kig-Yar Heavy soldiers that served in the various Covenant remnant factions, Kig-Yar Raiders wear full body armor and helmets, usually red-silver, and are equipped with stronger orange Point Defense Gauntlet. Although typically armed with the Rohakadu-pattern plasma pistols, Raiders can also wield the Sicatt Workshop Disruptors and the Ukala Workshop Manglers.[1]

Kig-Yar Raiders are most often utilized for offensive campaigns and missions that require infiltrating a heavily guarded stronghold, executing sieges, or capturing assets from enemy territory. Raiders are often conscripted from Kig-Yar rookeries with a reputation for aggression and hostility. It is possible for a Freebooter who proves itself worthy in combat to be promoted to Raider. However, many Freebooters try to avoid this advancement in order to maintain the lowest possible risk-to-reward ratio. Banished commanders often attempt to override such hesitation with promises of wealth.[2]


Numerous Kig-Yar Raiders participated in the Battle for Zeta Halo, serving as infantry, scouts, and guards for the Banished. The Jiralhanae Warlord Tremonius was accompanied by two Kig-Yar Raiders when he confronted John-117 beneath Outpost Tremonius.[3]


In Halo Infinite Kig-Yar Raiders are typically encountered in pairs. They are significantly more durable than the lower-ranking Freebooters as their arm shields can withstand multiple melee hits. As with the Freebooters, the Grappleshot can be used to stagger Raiders and momentarily expose them. Also like the Freebooters, Raiders tend to flee when their shields are disabled.

If engaged at close range, Raiders may attempt to melee the player with their arm shields.


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