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Assault, close combat


Kig-Yar (T'vaoan)




The Skirmisher Minor is a rank held by many Kig-Yar Skirmishers in the Covenant military.[1] Minor is the lowest rank attainable in the Skirmisher ranking system.[2]


The Skirmisher Minor is the lowest rank of the Skirmishers, a branch of shock troops consisting of a larger and more heavily built subspecies of Kig-Yar known as T'vaoans. Minors are typically deployed in fireteams consisting of five to six members. They can sprint very quickly, evade effectively and jump several stories to reach high places or evade enemy fire. Unlike most Kig-Yar, which are deployed in elevated defensive positions, Minors are deployed en masse to quickly overtake outposts and overwhelm enemies. Minors operate in a manner that is similar to Kig-Yar pirate "kill-squads" that once raided settlements in the Y'Deio system in the Kig-Yar's early history.[2]


Minors are relatively lightly armored. Their armor consists of blue composite alloy and gray plumage. Minors are not equipped with energy shielding because they prefer mobility and agility over direct protection.[2] They normally carry plasma pistols, needlers, and needle rifles.[3]


Skirmisher Minors are faster, more agile, and more aggressive than their common Kig-Yar cousins. They can also leap onto rooftops during combat in order to avoid fire or to get a better shot. However, unlike Jackal infantry, Skirmisher Minors do not carry shields for protection. At long or medium range, a single precision headshot with a DMR or a pistol is usually sufficient to bring down a Skirmisher Minor on any difficulty. At close range, they are vulnerable to automatic weapons, shotguns, and melee attacks.


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