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Skirmisher Champion

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Kig-Yar (T'vaoan)


Vata 'Gajat's mercenary group


Assault, close combat, squad leaders


Type-27 hologram

Notable individuals:



Champion is the highest rank attainable by Kig-Yar T'vaoans in the Covenant military.[1][2] Following the Human-Covenant War, at least one Champion joined Vata 'Gajat's Covenant mercenary group.[3]


They are stronger, faster and more durable than Skirmishers of any other class. In the Covenant military, Champions hold several roles, as well as being a formidable portion of the frontline infantry combatants. Many Champions serve in leadership positions, reporting directly to Sangheili Majors on the battlefield instead of other squads in the Skirmisher contingent. This is because of the need for unilateral communication to outlying infantry forces.

Most Sangheili are considered too valuable to have solitary command roles in the battlefield frontlines when leadership is necessary. Therefore, Champions often serve as the intermediary rank between other Skirmishers and the Sangheili command. Skirmisher Champions often lead Unggoy and lower-ranking Kig-Yar and Yanme'e in the field. Champions have little difficulty keeping squads under their command in line, as they are some of the strongest, best-trained, and most heavily armed Kig-Yar at the Covenant's disposal.[2]


Skirmisher Champions sport full-body golden armor and a helmet. Occasionally in combat, they will utilize holograms of themselves in order to confuse their enemies.[2] Unlike most Kig-Yar, Skirmisher Champions are not equipped with protective energy shielding. Champions are typically armed with plasma pistols, needlers, needle rifles, and focus rifles.[4]


Skirmisher Champions will often try to confuse players using their holograms, then attack them while distracted. Champions are often equipped with long-range weapons, such as needle rifles and focus rifles. Players should try to eliminate the Skirmishers with precise headshots.


In the Halo Encyclopedia (2009 edition), Skirmisher Champions are mistaken for Murmillones.


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