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Kig-Yar (T'vaoan)



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Vata 'Gajat's mercenary group



Tek: "Shipmaster 'Gajat, the envoy has retreated into one of the repair depots. They have been trapped by their own cowardice!"
Vata 'Gajat: "Perhaps, Tek, we should simply lay siege and wait for the Brutes to eat the others?"
— Tek and Vata 'Gajat[1]

Tek is a Kig-Yar T'vaoan mercenary who served as Shipmaster Vata 'Gajat's second-in-command in his own mercenary group. He participated in the Battle of Ealen IV.[1]


Battle of Ealen IV[edit]

Vata 'Gajat: "Your ‘cowards’ seem to have escaped their trap, Tek."
Tek: "Shipmaster 'Gajat…the Unggoy have discovered a series of service conduits running beneath—"
Vata 'Gajat: "Continue to explain what is obvious, Tek—and your share of the bounty will be divided among those of us who have to endure your failure. Prepare to deploy our forces. We will receive the envoy's whereabouts soon. As long as their betrayer remains undiscovered, providence favors us."
— 'Gajat and Tek discover that the diplomats escaped[1]

During the Battle of Ealen IV, Tek served as second-in-command to Shipmaster Vata 'Gajat. He accompanied 'Gajat to the planet's surface during the attack on the peace conference. He informed 'Gajat that the diplomats were hiding in a repair depot, and called them cowards. 'Gajat wanted to hold back and wait for the Jiralhanae to turn against the other diplomats, but Daniel Clayton urged them to attack immediately. However, when 'Gajat and Tek stormed the depot, they found that the diplomats and their escorts had already escaped. Tek informed 'Gajat that the Unggoy had discovered a series of underground conduits, at which point 'Gajat became annoyed and threatened to have Tek's promised share of the bounty taken away and divided amongst the others.[1]

Later in the battle, Tek and 'Gajat returned to 'Gajat's flagship, an SDV-class heavy corvette. Tek, 'Gajat, and unidentified humans and Jiralhanae oversaw the battle from the ship, while discussing their employer and Jul 'Mdama. When the diplomats escaped the Covenant forces, 'Gajat ordered all ships to retreat into slipspace before the UNSC Infinity and their allied Sangheili and Jiralhanae ships could engage them.[2]


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