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Matthew Drake
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"With all due respect, Ben, you need to stop! Your painful blame game is golden! You are tearing down someone that has brought for us peace and stability, and for what, you're own small niche fanbase, your own personal agenda?! You censored all the stories you done, you saw the worst in humanity, well you must have been looking in the mirror. You should be thanking the Master Chief, not defiling his past, not chasing his ghost. Leave it be."
— Drake's audio email to Giraud, sent 2558.[1]

Matthew Drake was a human who listened to Benjamin Giraud's Hunt the Truth audio journal in 2558. After Giraud's entries revealed fabricated stories being spread by the UNSC about the Master Chief, Drake sent Giraud an audio email calling him an attention seeker who was attacking a hero for brief fame of his own. He angrily told him to stop disrespecting humanity's savior and cease his investigation.[2]

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