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Assault, close combat


Kig-Yar (T'vaoan)




The Skirmisher Major is a rank held by many Kig-Yar Skirmishers in the Covenant military.[1][2]


Once a Skirmisher Minor gains enough experience, it is promoted to the rank of Major. They are moderately stronger and more durable than Minors. Majors are often deployed because of their speed, with some squads being tracked at running forty-five miles per hour in open environments. They are often seen leading low-ranking Kig-Yar and Unggoy. The Majors with the highest combat-rating are selected to become Skirmisher Murmillones.[2]


Skirmisher Majors are distinguished by their red armor and red-patterned feathers. Majors lack the protective helmets and point-defense gauntlets used by higher-ranking Skirmishers.[2] Majors are typically armed with plasma pistols, needlers, Gadulo-pattern needle rifles, and focus rifles.[3]


Skirmisher Majors are faster, more agile, and more aggressive than their common Kig-Yar cousins. They can also leap onto rooftops during combat in order to avoid fire or to get a better shot. Unlike Jackal infantry, Skirmisher Majors do not carry shields for protection. Majors have slightly more health than Minors, though they are still individually weak. At long or medium range, a single precision headshot with a DMR or a pistol is usually sufficient to bring down a Skirmisher Major on any difficulty. At close range, Skirmisher Majors are vulnerable to automatic weapons, shotguns, and melee attacks.


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