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Halo Infinite[edit]

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  • "You promised us revenge! Superiority! Renewal!" (complaining to Escharum)
  • "Escharum's orders are that you should be brought before him! He did not specify in how many pieces." (confronting the Master Chief)

Boss Fight[edit]

  • "[laughter] Are you afraid?"
  • "[laughter] Does it hurt?" (dealing damage)
  • "Bleed!"
  • "Bring him to me! NOW!" (speaking to his Kig-Yar guards)
  • "Come, human! Do not test my patience!"
  • "Cut him down!" (speaking to his Kig-Yar guards)
  • "Damn you!" (taking damage)
  • "DIE, HUMAN!"
  • "Die! NOW!"
  • "Do you think I fear you, human?!"
  • "Escharum! Witness my brutality!"
  • "For Atriox!"
  • "For the Banished!"
  • "Give up! Like your friends!"
  • "I bled for this Relic! You will not stop us!"
  • "I bring you PAIN!"
  • "I will batter you for that!" (taking damage)
  • "I will not fail, human!"
  • "I will see you bleed, Spartan!"
  • "I'll bury you with the other Spartans!"
  • "I'll prove my worth to Escharum with your hide!"
  • "I'll tear you from that shell!"
  • "I'm finished with you, human whelp!"
  • "Is that all?!" (taking damage)
  • "It is nothing!" (taking damage)
  • "Laugh now, human! You will die just like them!" (When the player kills his Kig-Yar guards)
  • "Let us test your legend, Spartan!"
  • "No matter. Your time is running out!" (taking damage)
  • "Only a human! Nothing more!"
  • "Pah! Stupid Jackals!" (When the player kills his Kig-Yar guards)
  • "Should've brought real warriors!" (When the player kills his Kig-Yar guards)
  • "Shut up and kill him!" (speaking to his Kig-Yar guards)
  • "Suffer!"
  • "Take your best shot!" (taking damage)
  • "The Harbinger will honor me for this!"
  • "The Spartans are dead! You are next!"
  • "This Ring belongs to the Banished!"
  • "This Ring belongs to the War Chief!"
  • "This will not kill me!" (taking damage)
  • "Victory! In the name of Atriox!" (if he kills the player)
  • "We have come too far to lose now!"
  • "Weak! Just like the others!"
  • "You are no better than your dead friends!"
  • "You are no Demon. You are PREY!"