Anlace-class light frigate

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Anlace-class light frigate
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Production information


Aerofabrique SA[1]




Electronic warfare[3]

Technical specifications


372 meters (1,220 ft)[4][1]


0.9 million tonnes[1]


Chronological and affiliation


Post-Covenant War conflicts[2]




UNSC Navy[2]


The Anlace-class light frigate is a class of frigate in service with the UNSC Navy.[1][2][3][5]

Design details[edit]

Superstructure and hull[edit]

The Anlace-class' design is considered somewhat novel for the UNSC Navy, with a lifting body hull and maneuvering systems well adapted for atmospheric operations.[5] The Anlace-class frigate is the smallest frigate currently in service with the UNSC Navy, with a length of 372 meters (1,220 feet).[4]

Outside of physical combat, the Anlace is specialised for support roles in the fleet and can be fitted with numerous modular mission packs. These include refits intended for reconnaissance or disruption.[1] When equipped with an electronic warfare (EW) suite, Anlace frigates can mask a UNSC presence or inhibit communication between enemy ships.[1] When employed in pairs, two Anlace-class frigates are capable of projecting a jamming blanket around an entire planet, preventing communications within this zone. The frigates are also equipped with high-definition sensors, which are able to accurately detect any object larger than a Warthog within ten light-minutes of their location.[3][1]


Offensively, the Anlace-class differs significantly from other contemporary frigate classes such as the Strident-class heavy frigate. Unlike such models, the Anlace lacks projectile or missile-based armaments and instead relies on directed energy weapons for sustained combat operations between resupply.[5] The frigate's primary weapon is a turreted Helios capital-scale high-energy laser, with four additional Magna-320 capital-scale pulse lasers as a secondary outfit. The vessel is equipped with eight AN/SEQ-11 point-defense laser arrays.[1]

Operational history[edit]

In the aftermath of the Human-Covenant War, hundreds of Anlace and Strident-class heavy frigates began assembly in the shipyards above the planets Mars and Tribute to replace combat losses and engage remnants of the Covenant still occupying the Outer Colonies.[2]

UNSC Infinity was capable of carrying a small fleet of ten frigates of either the Anlance or Strident class in its sub-vessel bays.[6] Some Anlace frigates were deployed by the UNSC Infinity during the Battle of Kamchatka in October 2558.[5] A year after the Created take over of Earth at least two Anlace frigates were deployed by the UNSC Infinity during Operation: WOLFE, wherein they served as electronic warfare ships projecting a jamming field around Reach.[3]

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