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This article is about the Forerunner planet. For the music piece, see Kamchatka (music).


Caspar system[1]



Orbital position:

Fifth planet[1]





3,231 miles (5,200 km)[1]


0.98 G (anomalous)[1]


0.7 (CO2, O2, N2)[1]

Surface temperature:

-87°C to -12°C (-125°F to 10°F)[1]



Forerunners[1] (formerly)


Ecumene[1] (formerly)


Kamchatka, also known as Caspar V,[2] is the fifth planet in the Caspar system. A remote planet, Kamchatka was created by the Forerunners and served as a node of the Domain for the ecumene. Following the firing of the Halo Array, Kamchatka remained an obscure world at the fringes of civilization until the planet's discovery in 2558.[1]


Kamchatka was a product of Forerunner astroengineering, created to serve as a link to the Domain—the Forerunner knowledge network. Though the planet has an unusual lack of various structures and facilities located on its surface, Kamchatka has many structures buried under its snow and ice, including a communications hub.[1] The Stormbreak mountain range, considered to be "the broken spine" of Kamchatka, was mended by the Forerunners.[3]

In 2558, a communications hub on the planet activated, attracting the attention of both the United Nations Space Command and Jul 'Mdama's Covenant faction.[1] The Covenant established an outpost on Kamchatka and attempted to access the planet's data network. While Doctor Catherine Halsey and Jul 'Mdama worked to access the network at a large Forerunner structure, Halsey discovered information relating to the recent attacks by Guardians on human colonies. Halsey contacted the UNSC, and Fireteam Osiris was tasked with assassinating 'Mdama and retrieving Halsey. Osiris was deployed to the surface of the planet, where a three-way battle ensued between them, Jul 'Mdama's Covenant forces, and Prometheans. As Osiris fought their way to the structure, they assassinated 'Mdama and brought Halsey back to UNSC Infinity, which soon left the system.[4]

Some time after the battle, the UNSC intended to establish a military complex and power station on Kamchatka to control the planet's Forerunner sites.[3] While the UNSC is aware of the Forerunner structures under Kamchatka's surface, no detailed surveys have been conducted to observe them as of 2558.[1]


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