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Patrol ship

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You may also be looking for the patrol corvette class of ship.
Patrol ship
Production information


Policing space

Technical specifications


Fusion drive(s)

Slipspace drive:

Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine

Navigation system(s):

Navigation computer/AI


< 30 personnel[1]

Chronological and affiliation




A patrol ship is a type of small warship in service with the UNSC Navy and some civilian organizations.[2][3] As their name indicates, they are designed primarily for patrol duties as opposed to engaging in open space warfare. They are usually smaller than a corvette, sometimes no larger than a Pelican dropship.[2] They are usually equipped with a small four-man shuttlecraft.[4]

A patrol cutter is a specific type of patrol vessel. A number of patrol cutters were present at Reach during the Covenant invasion in 2552.[5]

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