Unidentified UNSC carrier class

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Unidentified UNSC carrier class
UNSC Musashi being gutted by a Kewu-pattern battleship's flensing lance, in issue 3 of Fall of Reach: Invasion.
UNSC Musashi's destruction during the Fall of Reach.[Note 1]
Class attributes



In service:

Human-Covenant War

General characteristics




2,900 meters (1.8 mi)[1][Note 2]


120 meters (394 ft)[1]




36 centimeters (14 in) Titanium-A battleplate[1]


Air wing:


This unnamed carrier class is a kind of carrier in service with the UNSC Navy.[1]


Design details[edit]

The unidentified carrier is one of the largest Human starships in service with the UNSC Navy. It measured around three kilometres in length, placing it between the smaller Epoch-class heavy carrier at two and a half kilometres, and the Punic-class supercarrier at four kilometres, in length. It has a beam of 120 meters (394 ft). The carrier makes use of 36 centimeters (14 in) Titanium-A battleplate for protection.[1]

These vessels are generally considered slow, and rely on strikecraft and other forms of smaller escort ship for defence.[1]


The unidentified carrier is equipped with a single primary Magnetic Accelerator Cannon of unidentified model, and three hundred unspecified Archer missiles fitted in an unknown number of launchers. The carrier has a tertiary weapon option of two fusion rockets, alongside a complement of GA-TL1 Longsword strikecraft and Pelican dropships for troop deployments and boarding actions.[1]

Ships of the line[edit]

The following vessels have been identified as members of this carrier class.[Note 3]

List of appearances[edit]


  1. ^ a b The visual depiction for UNSC Musashi comes from Halo: Fall of Reach - Invasion - a comic series with several ship visualisations which have since been ignored or rendered moot in subsequent media (in particular the Epoch-class carrier UNSC Atlas). While the image of Musashi is used on this page, its canon status is of dubious nature.
  2. ^ The Halo Encyclopedia incorrectly lists the ship's length as "1.8 miles (3km)". Given that Halo media is typically written in imperial units and then converted into metric, this article takes the 1.8 miles figure as correct, as opposed to the 3km.
  3. ^ The vessels named here are primarily given in the original Halo Encyclopedia book, a source generally considered unreliable. The section in question cited on this page additionally lists UNSC Atlas as a part of this class, a vessel which has since been established as a part of the Epoch-class of heavy carriers. As such, the canonicity of these vessels in this class is dubious.
  4. ^ Ghosts of Onyx chapter 32 states that the Stalingrad has multiple meters of armor, which makes the designation of this carrier, with only 36cm of armor, dubious.