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Banished dreadnought
A Banished dreadnought over Installation 07 in Halo Infinite.
Production information


Irusk Workshop[1]




  • Ship-to-ship combat[3]
  • Occupation support[4]
  • Infantry and matériel deployment[4]


2,665 meters (8,743 ft)[5]


127 million tonnes[5]


One repulsor engine[4]

Slipspace drive:

Equipped (presumably)



Chronological and affiliation


Post-Covenant War conflicts[4]






The Banished dreadnought[6] is a Banished capital warship utilizing heavily modified Covenant ship hulls upgraded by the Irusk Workshop.[1]

Design details[edit]

Banished dreadnoughts were originally intended as full-scale occupation ships, carrying everything needed to invade a world. Because of this, they can carry a massive amount of drop-bases and vehicles.[5]


They are propelled by a single massive repulsor engine.[4]

Crew and complement[edit]

Banished dreadnoughts can carry over 10,000 warriors, as well as many vehicles.[5]


They possess many pulse laser turrets, as well as plasma torpedoes, plasma lances, scindere arrays, and a superheavy grav-impact driver.[5] The ship itself can also simply ram into enemy vessels.[4]

Operational history[edit]

Installation 07 conflict[edit]

During the Battle for Zeta Halo in December 2559, many dreadnoughts were deployed to engage the UNSC fleet near Installation 07 and in high orbit around the planet Ephsu I, with at least two used to ram the UNSC Infinity multiple times to brutally damage her. During that time the leader of the Banished, Warmaster Atriox, led boarding parties inside the UNSC supercarrier, defeated John-117 and threw the Spartan-II out of a hangar and into space. Banished Phantoms fired upon Pelicans and life pods as they fled the burning and broken carrier. Eventually, Infinity was forced to crash land on Installation 07 alongside many UNSC frigates, with her fleet devastated by the enemy armada. However, Installation 07 was damaged during the battle and moved from the Ephsu system to an unknown location; even with the advantage of their dreadnoughts and total space superiority in the ring's locale, the Banished were just as stranded as the UNSC survivors.[4]

Numerous dreadnoughts remained stationed in close proximity to Installation 07 as of May 2560 to support the Banished occupation.[4] One such vessel, Ghost of Gbraakon, captured the Pelican Echo 216 with its stasis cannon after the Pelican's pilot exposed his position by recovering John-117 who have been drifted in space for months. The Spartan boarded the Banished warship after going EVA through a UNSC and Banished asset debris field, and as he made his way to the ship's bridge, he observed that it was preparing to land a massive invasion force on the ring to eradicate the surviving UNSC presence. The Master Chief eventually freed Echo-216 from the stasis cannon and catastrophically damaged the warship in the process, causing it to plummet into Zeta Halo.[3]

A Banished dreadnought was positioned in the skies directly above the shattered portion of the ring. This warship had a bird's eye view of the Master Chief's activities, and over the course of the Installation 07 conflict it deployed numerous reinforcement troops onto the ring's inner surface via Phantoms and drop pods in order to counter the Spartan.[4]

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