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Ephsu system
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Ephsu is a star system in the Sagittarius Arm of the Milky Way.[1] It is notable as the former system of Installation 07[2] before it moved to a unspecified system in 2559.[3]


System summary[edit]

The system is in the Sagittarius Arm of the Milky Way. It contains a M-dwarf star, with one terrestrial planet, which serves as the anchor for the Halo.[2]

System locations[edit]


Placement and firing of the rings[edit]

Following orders by the IsoDidact Installation 07 was sent to the Ephsu system, where according to Chakas the ring "became a sacred tomb for millions, though some may still live".[4]

At some point, Installation 07 received its final preparations to be fired.[5] Where it finally fired in the system after the other six Halo rings in 97,445 BCE.[6]

Discovery by humanity[edit]

The system was discovered as Installation 07's location by renowned human scientist and historian Doctor Luther Mann after a year of sifting through data he'd discovered during his stay at the ONI Research Facility Trevelyan.[7]

There was a research outpost on the Halo established by March 2555,[7] and by August 2558 was protected by at least two Halberd-class light destroyers.[2]

Created conflict[edit]

During the Created conflict in 2559, the system was the site of a major battle. The Banished, led by War Chief Escharum, invaded the Halo. A battle both in space and on the installation took place, with the UNSC suffering major losses, leaving the installation occupied by the Banished, and badly damaged by a cataclysmic explosion. Following the explosion, Zeta Halo was suddenly relocated from the Esphu system to an unknown location[3] by Cortana.[8]

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