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25th century

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2492 was a year in the 2490s in the 25th century.



February 19

  • A report is made on geological studies carried out on Onyx.[1]


March 19

March 21


June 4

June 7

June 9

  • Colonel Lima drops his charges of contempt and obstructing the tribunal's investigation against Cole, who is cleared of any wrongdoing.[8]

June 13


August 17

August 21


December 12

  • Inna Volkov gives birth to Ivan Troy Cole at 0445 hours. Knowing the child is not biologically his, Preston nevertheless accepts him as his son.[8]

December 16

December 22


  • A very large rebellion occurs on the colony world Far Isle, with the UNSC unable to control it. A Code: Bandersnatch is thus declared, nuclear weapons being used to put down the rebellion.[10]
  • The Covenant stumbles upon Doisac, the Jiralhanae homeworld. The Jiralhanae were just beginning to recover after warring themselves back into a pre-industrial state during the First Immolation, and were quickly forced into submission by the Covenant's superior forces, making them the final species absorbed into the alliance.[11]


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