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Far Isle


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"Even I thought the Far Isle bombing was rebel propaganda until I saw the file. But then the rebels nuked civilian targets too. We're all dirty, all of us."
Serin Osman, musing on the nuking of Far Isle.[2]

Far Isle was a human colony planet, within Unified Earth Government space. The colony was the site of what is considered to be one of the United Nations Space Command's worst atrocities; in response to a rebellion in 2492 that they were unable to quell, the UNSC razed the colony using nuclear weapons, leaving no survivors.[3]


Far Isle was colonised in 2421.


Main article: Far Isle rebellion

In 2492, amidst unprecedented levels of tension and civil unrest throughout UEG space,[4] a civilian revolt broke out on the planet. The United Nations Space Command was unable to contain the rebellion, and resorted to using nuclear weapons to raze the whole colony. Code: BANDERSNATCH was declared in the aftermath, indicating a major radiological- or energy-based disaster, and the colony's populace was reportedly completely wiped out.[2][3][5]


The colony's destruction led to multiple other rebellions elsewhere.[3] Although the Callisto Incident is widely accepted to have been the event that finally ignited the tensions across the colonies and caused the Insurrection,[4] the destruction of Far Isle was also acknowledged as a potential cause.[3] Even as late as 2553, the UNSC's handling of the colony's rebellion remained a driving force for the hatred that many in staunchly independent colonies such as Venezia held for the UNSC and UEG.[2]

Production notes[edit]

The nuclear bombardment of Far Isle likely appears in the Halo Legends episode Origins II, when Cortana discusses the Insurrection. A flight of GA-TL1 Longswords is shown dropping bombs on a coastal city; in the next shot, a burning, slagged crater is shown in the middle of the city. However, this has not been publicly confirmed to be Far Isle.[6]


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