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Far Isle was a human colony planet of the Unified Earth Government. In 2492, a massive uprising occurred on the planet. The United Nations Space Command was unable to contain the rebellion, prompting the UNSC to declare code Bandersnatch: the UNSC used nuclear weapons to raze the colony.[1][2] The colony's total destruction is often cited by insurrectionists as the cause for their fighting. Although the destruction of Far Isle was arguably the cause of the Insurrection,[2] the conflict is generally acknowledged to have begun following the Callisto Incident in spring 2494.[3]

Behind the scenes[edit]

The nuclear bombardment of Far Isle likely appears in the Halo Legends episode Origins when Cortana discusses the Insurrection. A flight of GA-TL1 Longswords is shown dropping bombs on a coastal city; in the next shot, a burning, slagged crater is shown in the middle of the city.

List of appearances[edit]


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