UNSC Promise of Dawn

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UNSC Promise of Dawn
HLW PromiseHolo.png
Production information


SinoViet Heavy Machinery


Paris-class heavy frigate



535.05 meters (1,755.4 ft)[1]


198.68 meters (651.85 ft)[1]


162.08 meters (531.77 ft)[1]


Slipspace drive:

Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine


60 centimetres (24 in) Titanium-A armor


Service information


Late 2553[2]

Participated battles:

Human-Covenant War



"...The Promise of Dawn, a frigate which also went missing after the events at Reach last year."
— An ONI Officer briefs Linda-058 on her next mission.[3]

UNSC Promise of Dawn was a Paris-class heavy frigate commissioned before the end of the Human-Covenant War.[3]

Service history[edit]

The Promise was involved in the events surrounding the fall of Reach in an unknown capacity.[3] It was the vessel chosen for the safekeeping of the nascent Smart AI Gabriela, the only known AI containing the entirety of Human history.[4] The vessel was believed lost after the events at Reach, a belief which held for approximately a year before the Office of Naval Intelligence received a distress call from one of the survivors on Sephune III,[3] as they had been trapped on the planet for a year while Dr. Chen Bax worked to free Gabriela's matrix from the ship without informing the majority of his surviving followers.[2] The frigate had made a hard landing on the surface of the planet, and had become trapped in ice and snow, the vessel itself being protected externally mines,[5] as well as at least two turrets located near the access panel for Gabriela's matrix.[2]

The vessel was destroyed using its self-destruct function, which Chen detonated via remote. This created an avalanche which took out a large portion of a Covenant[4] force intent on killing the humans, saving the survivors by allowing them time to escape.[2]


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