M2950 Harpoon nuclear missile

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M2950 Harpoon nuclear missile
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Nuclear weapon


The M2950 Harpoon nuclear missile is a missile-based nuclear weapon delivery system employed by the UNSC Navy. Twelve such silos are employed as armaments on the Paris-class heavy frigate[1], with at least 24 such weapons mounted on the refit station Anchor 9.[2]

Production notes[edit]

The Harpoon nuclear missile was first-mentioned in a piece of concept art for the frigate Andraste in a concept pieace done by Isaac Hannaford for Halo 3. Ultimately, the ship (and weapon) was not featured in-game, but the design was faithfully recreated for inclusion in Halo: Reach. The Harpoon is mentioned in the concept art, labelling several silos present on the upper decks of the ship.[3] The name was later fully-canonised in the Halo Encyclopedia (2022 edition).[1]

The Harpoon shares its name with a modern-day anti-ship missile.