MX-10 mini-brick

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"I've got eight MX-10 mini-bricks left... and enough grenades to make some yummy plasma sandwiches."
Robin Dimik looking through her vest and rucksack.[1]

MX-10 mini-brick is a form of explosive in service with the United Nations Space Command.[1]


Like its predecessor the MX-8 explosive, MX-10 explosives are likely produced to resemble the shape and size of a brick, earning its moniker as a mini-brick. MX-10 was carried by personnel aboard UNSC Infinity. On May 14, 2560, during a battle in the Battle for Zeta Halo, Robin Dimik and Isaiah Cameron combined eight bricks of MX-10 with Covenant Anskum-pattern plasma grenades, then planted the explosives along a a wooded ravine between the Conservatory and a nearby beacon tower. The explosives were detonated as an ambush on Banished forces travelling across the pass to support their allies at the beacon tower.[1][2]

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