C10 charge

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C10 charge
Production overview


High explosive


Effective range:

  • Blast radius: 10+ meters (33 ft)[1]
Service history

In service:

Human-Covenant War
Post-Covenant War conflicts


C10 charges, or C10 cubes, are a military grade explosive used by the United Nations Space Command, and later by the Viery Militia on Reach.[1]


C10 charges are small, cubic explosive devices that can be thrown with the ease of grenades. The cubes of explosive are contained within an adhesive sleeve that will even stick to wet surfaces.[2] Depending on the mission parameters, they can be fitted with a remote detonator or with a custom timed fuse. C10 cubes are often transported in demolition packs holding ten charges each. Each cube has a yield great enough to thoroughly disable heavily armored vehicles, such as Eklon'Dal Workshop Marauders and Wraiths. Even when well outside the reach of the fireball, the forces from five staggered C10 explosions was enough to launch a Spartan-II clad in MJOLNIR [GEN3] through a glass block wall.[1]


In October 2559, SPARTAN-II Blue Team made use of C10 charges during the Battle of New Mohács. The Viery Militia had found the charges inside an abandoned Human-Covenant War era military bunker under the glass that now covered Reach. Blue Team used the C10 charges to disable various Banished armored vehicles and shield walls during their assault on the occupied settlement.

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