Anaconda surface-to-air missile

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Early concept model explorations for the M5 Talos turret and its various upgrades.
Anaconda SAM racks are shown in the three top images.

The Anaconda surface-to-air missile is a type of anti-aircraft ordnance used by the United Nations Space Command. It often serves as a supplementary armament on M5 Talos prefabricated defense turrets.[1]


During the Battle of Mesra in mid-2526, the Militia of Mesra used Anacondas in a limited ground bombardment capacity, using missile batteries stationed in the Karpos Mountain Range to strike down at advancing Covenant armoured columns advancing on the Doukala mine. The bombardment was mildly effective, due to the missiles not being designed for such a usage.[2] They were later used by forces of UNSC Spirit of Fire during the Harvest campaign, Battle for Arcadia, and Battle of Trove, used as mountings on the Talos base turrets deployed as a defensive measure on UNSC firebases.[3]

During the Fall of Reach, SPARTAN Team Alpha recovered a crate from HIGHCOM Armory Omega that contained six Anaconda surface-to-air missiles and a pair of Fury tactical nuclear weapons.[4] In October 2559 Anaconda missile batteries were used by the Viery Militia during Operation: WOLFE.[5]


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