Karpos Mountain Range

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The Karpos Mountain Range is a range of jungle-covered mountains on the human colony world of Mesra.[1]



In Mesra's ancient history, the Karpos mountains would become the site of a large network of valuable ores including xenotime and other lanthanides.[1]

Human-Covenant War[edit]

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During the Human-Covenant War, Mesra would become the target of invasion by the Covenant, owing to the planet's rich ore resources and mining infrastructure. On June 5, 2526, the Karpos mountains were the site of a pitched battle between the forces of the Militia of Mesra and Blue Team and a massive Covenant armoured convoy. The convoy was travelling along a mountain pass in the region to attack the 24th Marine Engineering Brigade at the Doukala Xenotime Works, and was subject to harassment along their way by the human forces. Despite being outnumbered, the humans were able to use clever Lotus mine placement, Anaconda missile batteries and Gauss cannons to deal considerable damage to the Covenant force including the elimination of the convoy's combat bridging vehicles. Ultimately however, the Covenant force was victorious and able to pass through the mountains to attack the Doukala mines.[1][2][3][4]


The Karpos mountains were covered in thick, cloud-swept jungle. The low cloud cover in the mountains made air traversal nearly impossible, forcing any kind of movement through the mountains to be done on foot. Multiple valleys are located within the range including the kilometre-wide Samalat Gorge and another valley containing the Doukala Xenotime Works. The side of the gorge on the far side to the Doukala mines was the site of a large mountain pass enough to fit a convoy of armoured vehicles, ending in the Nasim Bridge crossing the span and continuing along the Ytterbium Road to the Doukala mines. The road passed along the walls of a notch-shaped ravine known as the Kharsis Flume.


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