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This article is about the militia featured in Halo: Shadows of Reach. For the group featured in the Halo: Reach level Nightfall, see Reach militia.
Viery Militia
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Sasa Boldisar


Organizational overview

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Eposz Reclamation Collective[1]


"This is Reach, Master Chief. Everyone is in the militia."

The Viery Militia are a militia force present on Reach as part of the Eposz Reclamation Collective, following the planet's re-colonisation.[1]



Even prior to the Fall of Reach, the planet had a history of organised militias with at least one such group active in the Szurdok region in 2552 - though it is unknown whether these pre-fall militia traditions have any connecting lineage to the Viery Militia.[2]


Reach was glassed in 2552, and the planet's vitrified surface took years to cool in the aftermath. Eventually though, the surface was able to cool to a level enough that the Eposz Reclamation Project was formed, and began to re-settle the world.

The militia was active and participated in defending Reach during the Banished's occupation.


The Viery Militia had three battalions, indicating it may have had at least around 2400 soldiers. Every colonist in the Reach reclamation project was considered to be in the militia and capable of serving in it when needed. Forces were trained in the Gönc Drifts of the Lébény district at the Highland Mountains, Eposz.[1]

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The majority of the militia's equipment consisted of ex-UNSC equipment salvaged from many old military bases and bunkers that littered Reach and were abandoned with the planet's fall. The militia soldiers wore salvaged odd pieces of battle dress uniforms, and a varied collection of weaponry including various MA5 series rifles and - in one case - even a Desert Eagle salvaged from a museum.[3]

The militia made use of many different kinds of vehicles including Mongooses, Gungooses and M12 Warthogs in both rocket and chaingun variations.

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