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Highland Mountains

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The Highland Mountains covered in snow.

The Highland Mountains are alpine mountains located in the Viery Territory of the human colony, and UNSC fortress world Reach.[1] Located on Reach's northernmost continent[2] Eposz,[3] the mountains were made of granite[4] and were home to many facilities used by the UNSC.


Human-Covenant war[edit]

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After the Fall of Reach on August 30, 2552, these mountains were the only area not glassed by the Covenant, though glassing did occur in the area on a small scale.[5] The Covenant concentrated their forces in the region and set up an extensive excavation operation around Menachite Mountain in order to uncover a massive subterranean Forerunner structure.[6]

A flag was recovered from the mountains and put on display at Outpost Discovery.[7]

Post-Covenant war[edit]

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The Military Wilderness Training Preserve within the Highland Mountains.[1]

Wild blueberry bushes and cedar trees grew in the mountains.[8] East of the Highland Mountains is the Arany Basin.[9]



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