Longhorn Valley

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A section of the valley during the Fall of Reach.

Longhorn Valley was a valley along the western ridge of the Highland Mountains on Reach.[1] It was within the Military Wilderness Training Preserve.[2] It was a sloped region ten kilometers across that contained a thick forest of Douglas firs[3] and trampled fields. The Big Horn River ran through the middle of the valley.


During their training, the SPARTAN-IIs became familiar with the valley during their many training exercises in the area.[4]

On July 23rd, 2552, the night of the initial Covenant incursion, the UNSC Army fireteam 3 Charlie was on patrol in the valley. They were then sent to investigate a disturbance at the Visegrad Relay.[5][6]

During the Fall of Reach on August 30th, the valley was occupied by the Covenant, who built large defensive encampments in preparation for excavating the Forerunner complex beneath Menachite Mountain.[3] The valley was scorched when a team of SPARTANs used a Fury Tactical Nuclear Weapon to destroy a Covenant cruiser that was holding position overhead. The valley was presumably glassed.[7]

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