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3 Charlie
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At least six troopers


Fall of Reach


Colonel Urban Holland


3 Charlie was a UNSC Army fireteam (presumably part of SPECWAR Group Three) stationed on Reach in July 2552.[1]

Operational history[edit]

3 Charlie prior to their deployment to Visegrád.

On July 23, 2552, 3 Charlie was on patrol in the Longhorn Valley on Reach.[2] After contact with the communications relay at Visegrád was lost before the Covenant's invasion, 3 Charlie and other Army fireteams were sent to investigate the suspected Insurrectionist activity by Colonel Urban Holland.[3][1] Most of the investigating troopers were killed by the Covenant's advance force. The survivors of 3 Charlie then sent out a distress beacon, which was responded to by Spartan NOBLE Team. The surviving members of the fireteam were eventually evacuated.[4]

Known members[edit]


Despite being Army personnel, the members of 3 Charlie wear ODST armor and wield MA5C assault rifles in the Patrol teaser video.

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