Military Wilderness Training Preserve

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A Spartan training facility within the preserve.

The Military Wilderness Training Preserve was a large, wooded area in the Highland Mountains on the planet Reach. It was the location of many UNSC military facilities, including those where the SPARTAN-II supersoldiers often trained. Longhorn Valley and the Big Horn River were also located within the preserve.


The preserve is glassed by Ket-pattern battlecruisers.

In 2519, the SPARTAN-II supersoldiers had a training mission in unit cohesion in the preserve.[1] They were all given a piece of a map and decided to set up a meeting place. They made their way to an extraction point and were forced to almost kill a squad of Marines in order to reach, and then commandeer an Albatross dropship.[2] After this mission, Chief Petty Officer Franklin Mendez promoted John-117 to squad leader.[3]

During the Fall of Reach, Spartan Red Team crashed in the forest after their Pelican was shot down.[4] After taking numerous casualties and losing much of their equipment, the Spartans departed from the preserve on their mission. The forest was subsequently burned down during the partial glassing of Reach.[5]


  • The preserve was apparently home to at least one pack of wolves, which CPO Franklin Mendez warned John-117 about before deployment, however it is possible he was attempting to forewarn John-117 about unforeseen dangers, like the marines. In addition the preserve is home to an unnamed species of an owl.
  • The multiplayer map Highlands is set in a training facility in this region.

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