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Basic information
Real name

Max Coplan


Baltimore, Maryland


Savannah, Georgia


December 16th

Places I've lived

Savannah, Georgia Baltimore, Maryland

About me

Uncle works at Bungie. But about ME? I am a HUGE Halo fan. I've read all the books and comics. And I REALLY want to add people to my friends list that know canon too! So if you know Halo canon, my gamertag is Gunstalker43.

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Personal information

Halo: The Fall of Reach, Halo: The Flood, Halo: First Strike, Halo: Ghosts of Onyx, Halo: Contact Harvest, Halo: The Cole Protocol, Halo: Evolutions, Halo: Cryptum.

Video games

Halo is the best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!



Halo tidbits
Favorite Halo moment

Getting My Halo: Reach console

Worst Halo moment

Halo 2 ending, or lack there of.

Anything else

I have read all the books, comics, etc.

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Just to let you know, Halo Waypoint has the Halo: Reach File Browser up on their website now.


Your welcome man. Glad you appreciate the summary. I know it'll have to be shortened so I'll work on doing that. In the meantime I took your suggestion and archived it under my talk page: Talk:Killamint#Glasslands Summary. Don't know if this link will work here (probably not) but either way its under my user talk page.


If you get a request from the gasman16 thats me


It's the (or so it says in what-ever caves)..


Take a look at this. This explains way better than I could and it's also quite interesting. Subtank posted it on Talk:Precursor.


Hey, I finally managed to figure out how to take screenshots in my MacBook Pro of Halo: Combat Evolved. It's so simple really, I didn't even realize how simple: Cmd-Shift-3. Thanks for the advice! Btw, your other bits of advice I could not carry out, for reasons that are classified. But just wanted to let you know, and to thank you. Thanks.


Pretty much, yeah. Not sure why it isn't working, maybe it is because I should be playing in a window? idk, really need help.