Camp Hathcock

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Camp Hathcock
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Facility information


Highland Mountains, Reach


Military base


A division of UNSC Marines

Historical information

Controlled by:

United Nations Space Command


Camp Hathcock was a facility utilized by the UNSC, and located on the northern continent of the planet Reach. Nestled in the Highland Mountains, Camp Hathcock was a top-level retreat; heads of state, VIPs, and top brass were the facility's normal occupants, along with a division of veteran, battle-hardened Marines.[1]

The inner compound of the facility was protected by encircling fences and razor wire. The outside of the facility was designed to look like a large wooden cabin. The inner walls of the camp were lined with Titanium-A armor plating and it contained bunkers and plush conference rooms that were hundreds of meters underground, beneath a mountain.[1]


During the training of the SPARTAN-IIs, the trainees often covertly ventured into the camp for food and supplies.[1] Following the Battle of Sigma Octanus IV, on August 12, 2552, several participants were debriefed at Camp Hathcock.[2] A committee was formed in Sub-basement III's conference room for the debriefing. Corporal Harland was one of the individuals debriefed by the committee.[3] John-117 was questioned about the Huragok and Mgalekgolo that he encountered at Sigma Octanus IV and the artifact that was destroyed by a HAVOK tactical nuclear weapon.[4] Later, John met with Dr. Catherine Halsey and she informed him of an upcoming, important assignment.[5] Captain Jacob Keyes was also debriefed at the camp[6] about the intercepted Covenant transmission and is assigned command of the UNSC Pillar of Autumn.[7]


It is likely that the camp is named after Carlos Hathcock, a legendary sniper from the Vietnam War.


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