Military Reservation 01478-B

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The UNSC Military Reservation 01478-B, colloquially known among trainees as "Painland",[1] was a UNSC military training facility on the colony world Reach in the Highland Mountains. The reservation was one of the primary training sites for the SPARTAN-IIs, along with the FLEETCOM Complex. In 2552, this was the location where John-117 first met Cortana during a test of his new MJOLNIR Mark V armor.[1][2] During the Fall of Reach, Frederic-104 used this area as a staging point for his Spartans.[3]

It featured a large obstacle course, with a run over ten acres of jagged gravel through which trainees would often be forced to run barefoot,[4] a place called the "razor field" where the trainees had to crawl in the mud under razor wire with bullets flying inches over their heads. Finally, there was a course called the "Pillars of Loki" which consisted of a forest of ten-meter-high poles placed at random intervals, usually with booby traps strung on, to teach the importance of moving slowly and keeping one's eyes open. Fairchild Airfield was located nearby.[5]

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