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Reach militia
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Ground operations




Fall of Reach


Jun-A266: "What are you doing here? Whole area's supposed to be evacuated."
Militia trooper: "Didn't like leaving it to someone else to protect our home."
— A conversation between Jun-A266 and member of the militia[1]

This militia was local criminal[Note 1] militia based in the Ütközet region on the human colony world of Reach.[1]


During the Fall of Reach on the night of August 11, 2552, a militia fireteam was encountered in the Viery Territory by Recon Team Bravo during an assessment of the Covenant invasion force's overall strength. Although the area had been evacuated long before the operation, the militia had remained behind to defend their homes as well as recover weapons that they had stolen and hidden from the United Nations Space Command. When members of this militia were found by Jun-A266 and SPARTAN-B312 defending a pump station in Ütközet, the SPARTANs aided the militia with fending off several waves of Covenant troops.[1]

The surviving militia led the two SPARTANs down a dried riverbed to a power plant that was occupied by Covenant forces, who had placed a stealth pylon there. The militia and the SPARTANs worked together to eliminate the Covenant troops around the pylon and covered Jun while he placed a charge on one of the pylon's legs. After the charge was placed, they followed the SPARTANs deeper into enemy territory and helped them discover a nearby Covenant landing zone.[1]


  • Unlike most story significant allies, the Reach militia are not invincible, and can die if they take too much damage or are abandoned early by the player.
  • Prior to joining the militia on Venezia, Nairn served as a corporal in the Reach militia.[2]


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  1. ^ The group encountered in Halo: Reach have cases of UNSC military equipment, which is discussed in a manner suggesting the equipment is illegal, making it likely these forces were not a part of the UEG-sanctioned Colonial Militia.