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M80 Multiple Rocket Launch System
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Misriah Armory[1]


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Service history

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Post-Covenant War conflicts


The M80 Multiple Launch Rocket System (M80 MLRS),[1] known simply as the Rocket pod turret is a portable turret in use by the UNSC Armed Forces after the Human-Covenant War. It is capable of firing three missiles at once and carries a total of 24 missiles.[2]


Designed to replace Covenant War-era designs, the M80 consists of three modules: a central fire control system with integral sensor package and two detachable launcher pods with three ammo cells each. Each cell features an internal reloading mechanism and anti-blast safety features to mitigate injury to the user in the event of damage to the rockets contained within. Relatively light and self-contained, the M80 can be fitted to any vehicle or structure compatible with the older M79 Multiple Launch Rocket System.[1] The M80 is notably mounted on the Rocket Warthog.[3]


  • M80B MLRS: Initially deployed exclusively to elite UNICOM units assigned to Earth, the M80B integrates additional smart-link functionality and datalinks, including the latest specialized protocols used by the Office of Naval Intelligence and NAVSPECWAR.[1]
  • ONI Rocket Pod Turret: A variant used by the Office of Naval Intelligence. This variant can lock on to vehicles and aircraft. It also fires 6 rockets at once, though now it only has 4 shots.
  • Vespin rocket pod: A variant with faster rockets and reload.


Carrying the turret decreases the player's speed and maneuverability.


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