ST/Medusa missile

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An ST/Medusa missile pod on the FSS-1000 Sabre.

The ST/Medusa missile is one of the armaments utilized by United Nations Space Command exoatmospheric fighter craft.[1][2]

Design details[edit]

The ST/Medusa missiles are mounted in pods on Nandao, Sabre, Pegasus, and Broadsword starfighters, one pod on top of each wing.[1][2][3] The missiles are fired in salvos of two each, and have lock-on capability. One salvo is sufficient to destroy a Banshee interceptor and even an unshielded Seraph fighter.[4] The missiles can lock-on from long range and the amount of missiles that hit the target is determined by the time spent locking on, although even one or two missiles can prove deadly to most targets.

The missiles are extremely ineffective against energy shielding and will simply bounce off shielded targets.


M3250 ST/MMP[edit]

The F-29 Nandao is equipped with two M3250 ST/MMP missile delivery systems.[5]

M4370 ST/MMP[edit]

The FSS-1000 Sabre and its Emergency Defense Fighter competitor, the S-930 Pegasus,[6] are both equipped with two M4370 ST/MMP missile delivery systems.[1][2][5]

M6088 ST/MMP[edit]

The F-41 Broadsword is equipped with two M6088 ST/MMP missile delivery systems.[5][3] This model is more powerful than the model used on Sabres, as it can effectively destroy Forerunner weaponry, such as Z-8250 light artillery.[7][8]


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