Emergency Defense Fighter

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An Yss-1000 Sabre and an S-930 Pegasus on display.
The Sabre and the Pegasus; the twin competing prototypes for the Emergency Defense Fighter contract.

The Emergency Defense Fighter (EDF) was a late Human-Covenant War initiative by the United Nations Space Command to adapt newly reverse-engineered Covenant technologies for orbital and close-orbit interceptors.[1] The initiative was considered highly secret, with the Sabre component's existence being denied by three administrations.[2][3]



Two sets of corporations would create at least two entrants into the competition; Ushuaia Armory and Misriah Armory would create the YSS-1000 Sabre, while SinoViet Heavy Machinery and Chalybs Defense Solutions would create the S-930 Pegasus.[1] The Sabre would be developed in 2547,[4] with a focus on engagement in orbit over Inner Colony worlds[2] and would feature energy shielding.[3]

16 Pegasus prototypes had been created, with nine rated as "combat ready" by 2552.[1] The earliest known combat deployment of the Sabre was on May 10, 2552 at Mamore[5] with a few hundred Sabres being built by the end of the war.[6] All nine "combat ready" Pegasus prototypes were destroyed during the Battle for Tribute,[1] while numerous Sabres participated and were lost in the Fall of Reach.[3][7][8]

Eventually, the Sabre would win the EDF for service with the UNSC Navy.[1]


The Sabre would secretly go into production as the FSS-1000 sometime following the Covenant War but prior to the Created uprising. It would then be deployed to important sites[9] and given to various units such as the 22nd First Response Wing.[10]

Following the war, a "stripped down" version of the Pegasus remained in production and was undergoing evaluation with Tribute's defense forces. This version was tentatively selected to replace the UNSC Air Force's inventory of S-14 Baselards in 2570. The rise of the Created has rendered this impossible for a time.[1]


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