11-B1 intercontinental ballistic missile

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11-B1 intercontinental ballistic missile
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Production overview


Intercontinental ballistic missile[1]


Ammunition type:

Fissile material[1]

Effective range:

5,632.7 kilometres (3,500.0 mi)[1]

Service history

In service:

Human-Covenant War[1]


The 11-B1 is an intercontinental ballistic missile used by the United Nations Space Command armed forces during the Human-Covenant War for long-range high-yield nuclear strikes against ground-based targets. They are capable of causing megatons of nuclear damage.[1] 11-B1s are housed in missile silos, reinforced against military strikes and normally staffed with a UNSC Defense Force security detail. Several 11-B1s were stored at the Kupiga Simu military facility in Africa on Earth.[2]

The 11-B1 was considered obsolete prior to the Human-Covenant War, due to the relative stability within the UNSC. They were seen as unnecessary because of the resulting large-scale destruction, damaged ecosystem, nuclear fallout and radiation that follows the detonation of a 11-B1. However, during the war, 11-B1s were used as a last-resort weapon against Covenant forces that evaded planetary MAC defense weaponry.[1]

Production notes[edit]

The Halo 3 multiplayer map Standoff is based around a cluster of 11-B1 missile silos. Additionally, several 11-B1 ICBMs can be seen flying overhead on the map, often two at a time.[2]


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