Kupiga Simu

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Kupiga Simu
Facility information


East African Protectorate, Earth[1]


Deep space communications relay[1]


Historical information

In use:

2552: Battle of Earth

Controlled by:

UNSC Defense Force[3]


Kupiga Simu is a military base located in the East African Protectorate on Earth. Operated by the United Nations Space Command, the facility was one of the primary sites responsible for deep space communications relay on Earth.[1]

The facility housed several missile silos, containing 11-B1 intercontinental ballistic missiles.[2] The missiles were maintained by the UNSC Defense Force.[3] The base also contained several smaller ASRGAM 10X missiles.[2]


The Kupiga Simu communications facility specialized in transmitting signals to and from locations across the Sol system. However, the technological advances in superluminal communications that followed after the end of the Human-Covenant War have rendered the site functionally obsolete. The UNSC used Kupiga Simu as the basis of a War Games simulation, and now the facility is primarily used as a training environment for the SPARTAN-IV program.[1]

While the facility's 11-B1 intercontinental ballistic missiles had become obsolete, they were used during the Battle of Earth as a last resort against Covenant forces that evaded planetary MAC defense weaponry.[4]


Kupiga Simu is Swahili for "call", likely a reference to the facility's purpose as a communications relay.


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