Phoenix missile

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Phoenix missile
HW2 PhoenixMissile.jpg

A Vulture firing a Phoenix missile.

Production overview


Tactical missile[1]


The Phoenix Missile is a tactical missile[1] employed by the United Nations Space Command. The Phoenix missile is employed by Vulture gunships to eliminate heavily entrenched targets.

Design details[edit]

The Phoenix missile is carried on the underbelly of the Vulture. When being fired, the Vulture has several bright yellow warning lights that flare up and a laser sight is emitted to paint the missile's target, before the Vulture appears to recoil from the force of firing the missile.

Operational history[edit]

Phoenix missiles were employed by Vultures assigned to the UNSC Spirit of Fire during the Second Ark Conflict in 2559. During the conflict, Phoenix missiles were used against the Banished.


The Phoenix missile appears in Halo Wars 2 as the Y-ability for the Vulture. It replaces the Missile Barrage ability from the first game.


List of appearances[edit]


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